Born and Raised in Oceanside, CA, Christopher Villegas grew up in a town full of diversity and culture. From the beautiful beaches and the Coastal Highway to the local pier, Christopher was able to enjoy local attractions on a regular basis with friends.

While Chris often dreamed of careers in highway patrol or accounting, he found himself exploring an industry he never imagined - Real Estate.

Due to the economic recession and the burst of the housing bubble back in 2006-2008, Chris decided that he wanted to step into the Real Estate world. With dreams of helping others, like his own family, to attain homeownership after such a devastating period, Chris knew that a career in Real Estate would be the best way to gain insight as to how the crash occurred, and could easily monitor and predict future trends for better preparation.

In wanting to protect his own family from a similar occurrence, Christopher was licensed in 2017 and began his journey with a mission to help families find their dream homes while helping them through the buying or selling process. Christopher feels that helping and educating others, especially first time buyers, would allow them to avoid future issues in today complex market.

Today Christopher works with Windermere Homes & Estates, working with families and first time buyers to achieve their goals in the market. Christopher's dedication and determination in the field have allowed him to thrive as an agent, helping his family, friends and clients with one of the most impactful transactions in life.

Chris Villegas
CalDRE Lic.#02031565